"Photography is my means of visual and artistic expression"


I moved to the beautiful south coast of Western Australia 8 years ago in search of the perfect work/life balance, where I could immerse myself in the wondrous arts community and spend lots of time being creative. I discovered a new world of inspiration for my photography and opened a gallery on our property, nestled amongst 10 acres of wildlife-protected bush in 2012.

Photography is my means of visual and artistic expression. I enjoy creating images of the ‘everyday’, seeking to capture the simple things that surround us on our daily journeys. A love of travel has also enabled a breadth of work from a range of countries and distant environments.

My creative process leverages preconceptualised imagery and experimental work, coupled with the use of both traditional and unconventional techniques. All images are created in-camera, with little or no post-production.

I want my images to challenge the viewer’s perceptions and expectations of not only the world around them, but of photography as an artform.

I’m excited to share my passion with you, fuel a sense of curiosity, and perhaps spark your own creativity. Thanks for taking the time to be here, I hope you enjoy what you find and please don’t hesitate to get in touch.